Worth It or Not Worth It: Autumn Edition


Pumpkin Spice Lattes

It’s easy to have zero motivation in October. Netflix releases new series, walking to the library gets chilly, and a layer of germs generally settles over campus as the leaves change colours. Not studying for midterms might seem like the right call if it means you can avoid leaving your bed, but you’ll live to regret it in December, when you really don’t want to leave your bed. WORTH IT.

— Pia Maxine-Co

Studying for Midterms

The taste of the latte is worth it. The pain that comes with a PSL simply isn’t. If you admit that you like PSLs, you will lose friends. You’ll be accused of poor taste and having too much money on your hands. If you say you don’t like them, you’ll be called judgmental and closed-minded. It’s safer to avoid having an opinion at all. Say you like the white chocolate mocha instead. NOT WORTH IT.

— Emma Jones

Buying Candy for Yourself 

You are an adult who has to work to earn things. You deserve nice things. But let’s be real, you can’t afford that shit. What you can afford comes in the form of sugar-induced dopamine rushes. Fistfuls of cheap, chocolate bars and Halloween-themed Smarties (Scaries!) are the closest thing to salvation from university-induced poverty. Kids don’t know real pain. They don’t deserve real joy. Let’s give candy to people who deserve it. WORTH IT.

— Pia Maxine-Co

Horror Movies in Public

There are two kinds of people who watch horror movies in public: those who choose to do so willingly and those who are dragged there by someone else. Regardless of which one you are, it’s a bad time. Either you’re listening to the high-pitched screams of strangers, completely interrupting your ability to understand the plot, or you’re embarrassing yourself by ruining someone else’s movie experience with your high-pitched screaming.  NOT WORTH IT.

— Emma Jones

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