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Emoji of the week: Crystal Ball

🔮 Crystal Ball

Scroll through that emoji keyboard and find the bomb, the gun, or the blood-squirting needle. I bet you know instinctively where they lie at this point in your emoji experience, but I doubt you have ever chosen their beloved neighbour: the crystal ball.

I met this emoji for the first time when I was given an address to pick someone up at…with no house number included. I parked, with no real idea of where on this street I should be, and proceeded to scroll through my emojis as I waited. I needed to pack a real punch with my “Hope you see me…?” message. A weapon emoji would have been a little too much. A sad face wouldn’t have shown my masked irritation. The crystal ball had a perfect blend of realness, sarcasm, and savage friendliness.

Sparkling in some virtual light, the crystal ball’s purple glow will draw the attention of the person it is sent to, as it is adaptable to nearly every past, present, or future situation. Lacking communication with your bae? Experienced some weird déjà vu? Had an in-class quiz without any warning? Better yet, have you found your BFF’s dream man and have already started the wedding plans (🔮)?

My advice to you: find that crystal ball. Poke it enough times to get it into your frequently used. University has enough “if I would have known” and “maybe later” moments that this emoji deserves to be that final character in quite a few texts and tweets.

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