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The Gateway to become VR only

Students will soon experience the news, sports games, and opinions of campus like never before with the media platform of the future.

The Gateway, the University of Alberta’s news website and magazine that actually knows what they’re doing, will be discontinuing their online and print mediums in 2018-19 and adopting a virtual reality platform for all content. The change is a response to declining interest in online news media and the still-dying horse that is print media. Yeah, people still aren’t picking up our print publications.  

“We can’t keep fighting it. Most students lose all enjoyment in reading after their first semester or so in university,” said Gateway editor-in-chief Jam Snackonak.

The VR model is intended to utilize the growing interest in virtual reality and augmented reality content. The Gateway will continue the content of the website and magazine, but will deliver it through VR devices. The shift in medium will also include expansion in content and enhanced features such as the addition of virtual-reality porn… Really, what more do students want?

“The university student audience craves escapism from their unsatisfying and soul-crushingly tedious existence, so VR is an immersive way to respond to demand,” Snackonak said. “It opens up opportunities for The Gateway to do more.”

Students will be able to view The Gateway’s content through VR devices. For example, university sports games will be viewable through devices, and campus news will be broadcasted on location to deliver news right from the source, but not in a conflict-of-interest kind of way. The Gateway will receive content from pornography websites and crowdsourcing from students.

“Venturing into this new approach, there may be some kinks to work out at first, pun intended,” Snackonak said. “But I’m confident the results will be trailblazing and students will have an increased interest in The Gateway like never before.”

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