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Streeters: What is your favorite shortcut when you’re late for class?

“As many buildings as possible to avoid the cold, so I can walk faster”

Navigating the university can be a hassle when you have just 10 minutes to get from one class to another. The Gateway asked students what tips they have for getting around campus faster.

Haohan Jiang (Left) — Science I 

I have never been late for class honestly. But if I was late, I think I would not attend the class.”

Renfu Zuo (Right) — Engineering I

“I exit CCIS at the gate between CCIS and the chemistry building and then get into the Tory building, and then go through the HUB and that’s the (Humanities Centre).”

Arif Mahfuz  Engineering I

“I haven’t figured that out yet. When I’m late for class, I’m just late.”

Kirra Kent — Science III

“If I’m going from Biosci to Tory instead of going through the centre of Quad, I’ll go around the back because there are less people, so you go a lot faster. It’s not faster because it’s faster, it’s faster because you’re not crowd surfing.”

Cassidy Sader  Arts I

“As many buildings as possible to avoid the cold, so I can walk faster.”

Aiken Kundlas  Arts III


Jake Wojnarowicz  Arts III

“Tunnels, CCIS tunnels.”

Serena Kusiak  Faculty of Kinesiology I

“My favourite one for staying warm… I study in the basement of (Cameron Library) so I run from there and cut through (Van Vliet) and I go into ECHA… It’s all about staying warm for me.”

Kate Turner

Kate Turner is a first-year native studies student and The Gateway’s Winter 2019 Staff Reporter. She is passionate about human rights and is a lover of chocolate, languages, and public transit systems. When she's not writing, she can be found strategizing Monopoly moves and reading historical fiction.

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