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Pot Thots: Meet Your Strains, Part 4 — Ruderalis

While it often goes under the radar, Ruderalis is great for health purposes

In our occasional column “Pot Thots,” our writers take us on a journey into the brave new world of legal weed.

Over four instalments of “Pot Thots,” we’re going over four major types of weed. In the final chapter of this kush catalogue, we’re celebrating an unsung hero: Ruderalis.

With so many strains to choose from, many people forget about Ruderalis, which often flies under the radar due to its lack of THC. Ruderalis originated in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. While its low THC concentrations mean this strain generally isn’t consumed recreationally, its high concentrations of CBD make it great for those who don’t want the feeling of a high but still want the benefits of pain relief, stress relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and antimicrobial effects.

Canada’s cannabis culture is growing, and it’s definitely going to be exciting for the next couple of years. Whether you go with Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or Ruderalis, I wish you the high of your dreams.

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