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Streeters: How are students coping with the new semester

From trying to find the best deals for textbooks to sorting out your schedule 12 times, the back to school grind can be tough. The Gateway asked students how they’re trying to start the year off on the right foot.

Daniel Aguilar (Header) — Kinesiology II

“Slowly but surely, trying to keep on top of things by making a schedule and a checklist just to make sure I’m doing things before the due dates.”


Tyler Gobran — Science III

“It’s going alright, it’s not too difficult I guess. It’s just the third year.”


Shardul Shah — Science IV

“I’m going to stay on campus more because I get distracted at home. I’m getting back into the zone and I’m trying to avoid all things Netflix or like videos games stuff. You kinda want to avoid them when you’re starting the semester again so you can start focusing on school.”


Connor Gelinas — Science I

“I just started going to the gym, getting into my old routine, and trying to survive.”


Mengqiao Zhao — ALES III

“Getting the textbooks, reading the textbooks. To know to ask some people who have already taken the course, and to search online through Rate My Prof and Reddit to see how profs will be presenting to us.”


Kate-Lynn Fagan — Science V

“Just going for it, getting ready, getting textbooks and looking at syllabi I guess. Just seeing what I need to do to prepare myself for the rest of the semester.”

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