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Streeters: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while some might have plans with a special someone, others might have not have the luxury as they might have other things to worry about like exams. In the spirit of the season, The Gateway asked a few students: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

David Connolly (Header left) — Science II & Jaslyn Rasmuson (Header right) — Science II

Connolly: “Our plans are going for lunch in the morning because we don’t have classes. But then she has a night class, unfortunately, so we don’t have many plans. On the Friday, though, we’re doing this snowshoeing thing at Elk Island National Park. So that’ll be fun.”

Sayak Darghimji — ALES I

“Well, actually, that’s a good question. Really, I don’t have any plans on Valentine’s Day… I know that’s a boring answer.”

Samiha Sajida — Science II

“Honestly, I have a midterm in the evening from 7 to 8:30. Before that, I was probably going to go and get myself something, like a latte, because I love myself. Valentine’s Day is about love. Not just for other people, for yourself, too. Self-care is really important.”

Marlene Gong — Engineering I

“I am going to study for a chemistry quiz.”

Anoushka Ganguli — Engineering I

“I will be studying for a chemistry quiz.”

Safiya Dina — Science II

“Writing a biochem midterm.”

Wania Jibran — Engineering IV

“Well, I’ve got two midterms this week, so pretty much going to study all throughout. It’s going to be just another week, you know?”

Daniela Quinonez (Left) — Science III

“It’s his birthday you know… on Valentine’s Day.”

Clayton Endersby (Right) — Engineering III

“Making tacos.”

Helen Zhang

Helen Zhang is The Gateway's 2019-2020 Photo Editor. She has a BA in Political Science and is a Master of Library and Information Studies student. She spends too much time on Photoshop and loves libraries, photography, and Studio Ghibli.

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