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UASU Vote 2019: The Candidates as Fursonas I Found on

Behold, the things I do for you people. I have ventured into the void and I have scarce returned. So without further ado, I give you, the depraved masses of the U of A, the candidates as fursonas. Read on at your own risk.


Akanksha Bhatnagar: “Ancera” by Tales_Foxdale

Jonah Dunch

This is Bhatnagar sliding into the MyHo forum, ready to scrap.

Andre Bourgeois: “Grrr” by KyriosAtsidas

Jonah Dunch

This is Bourgeois lying in wait at the MyHo forum, ready to clap back.

Vice-President (Academic)

Joel Agarwal: “Confused” by MortisNero

Jonah Dunch

This is Agarwal thinking about how to appease Faculty Associations.

Vice-President (External)

Adam Brown and Robert Bilak: “Beautiful Dance” by Formalinov

Jonah Dunch

These two are Brown (right) and Bilak (left) caught in a dance of policy points and fighting words on the campaign trail.

Vice-President (Operations & Finance)

Luke Statt: “Trash” by discojesus

Jonah Dunch

This is Statt eating up the Student Spaces Levy.

Vice-President (Student Life)

Jared Larsen: “Warm Winter” by Pesaart

Jonah Dunch

This is Larsen looking out of his window in HUB Mall, thinking earnestly about residence policy.

Shuaa Rizvi: “The Firestarter” by siqko

Jonah Dunch

This is Rizvi amping herself up before a forum.

Rory Storm: “Worshipper of the Sun” by ShadowInkWarrior

Jonah Dunch

This is Storm kicking back at a big campus party in main quad.

Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

Rowan Ley: “Nath” by Orcrest

Jonah Dunch

This is Ley charging into battle with the Board against him.


Reed Larsen: “Streaming” by manlychan

Jonah Dunch

We’re Live with Larsen, everybody!

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