Marble Pedestal: BearTracks finally works — wait… never mind…

The day we have been waiting for is finally here: BearTracks has been fixed! When students went to sign up for courses this spring, frustrations over frequent technical difficulties with BearTracks quickly mounted. After days of angry posts on r/UAlberta and sobbing breakdowns in Cameron Library, the people decided that enough was enough. Direct action was necessary.

Slowly but surely, groups of students took to the streets. Clad in U of A apparel and carrying textbooks as shields, the people descended upon the University Governance Office like locusts upon a field of wheat. The people’s discontent was heard. The BearTracks Revolution began.

The fight was long and hard. But no matter how many practical, legal or ethical barriers they faced, the brave students at the U of A would not relent. After a series of events, including a hostage situation involving GUBA and Patches, a three day standoff between the Computing Science Department and the RCMP, and several dicks found spray painted on President Turnip’s car, the end result of the Revolution has been achieved. Servers have been added. Code has been altered. BearTracks is up and running.

While the means were questionable at best, we finally have a functioning website. I never thought I’d say this, but BearTracks is fully operational at long last. No more crashing on enrolment day. No more staring at the screen in defeat as the buffering symbol taunts you from the upper right corner of the page. No more –

Oh. Um, this is awkward. As this is being typed, BearTracks just crashed again.


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