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Brew Crew: Innis and Gunn Original Lager

Innis and Gunn Original Lager
Edinburgh, Scotland
Wellpark Brewery

For those who crave some kilted heritage, look no further, a trip to the Scottish highlands can be found just a pint away. Brewed in Edinburgh, Scotland, Innis and Gunn Original Lager is a complex and soul-warming beer. A strong beer, at 6.6% abv, Innis and Gunn is brewed from malt and raw wheat, aged 77 days in oak casks and fermented over bourbon-infused Heartwood.

It pours a medium, dark honey colour, with low carbonation. The head is frothy and solid, a delightful cap to this tasty pint. Upon first sip, instant notes of bourbon and malt are present, with subtle vanilla and smoky notes. The finish is long and pleasantly bitter. It is a medium bodied beer, yet surprisingly complex. Once you reflect on the taste, you’ll find some toffee and oaky notes to accompany the initial smoked vanilla taste. While there is a lot of flavours happening, none are intrusive—every taste has its own place and intensity. For the level of intricacy, it is pleasantly well thought out and balanced.

Innis and Gunn Original Lager is bound to transport you to a 19th century Scottish pub on a cloudy day. With a wool scarf wrapped around your neck, bottle resting on the worn wooden table, you’ll be looking out into the narrow, damp streets and the green hills of Scotland by the time you get to the bottom of your beverage.

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