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Gateway Playlist October 10

This playlist is for those cold rainy nights where we had every opportunity to go out with friends or have a house party but choose isolation instead. Every aspect of your environment seems perfectly sad and you feel alone and insignificant, but somehow still fantastically relaxed. Your night will consist of nostalgia, relaxation, sadness, and most importantly, music. For best results, each of the following songs must be played with open in another tab.

Stan Getz and John Coltrane – What’s New and Moonlight in Vermont (Mistitled Autumn in New York)

This song is going to set the stage for your melancholy; with beautifully sustained saxophone lines and muddy bass this song is a warm invitation into a pensive mood.

DJ JD SPORTS – Just a Little

The sleepy piano sample in this song is wonderful to get lost in. close your eyes and relax in your thoughts.

Mac Demarco – Blue Boy

Mac Demarco provides the perfect backdrop for looking through old photos or watching rain out your window.

King Krule – Baby Blue

This song touches on the sad end of our rainy day spectrum, here we hypnotized by King Krule’s deep monotonous vocals and slow sustained guitar rhythms.

Willis Earl Beal – Monotony

At some point you decide to go for a late night walk in the cold rain, you are sad and complacent. If this walk was a scene in an indie film, Willis Earl Beal’s “Monotony” would undoubtedly the background music.

James Blake – Unluck

James Blake will give you chills.

Flying Lotus – Slow it Down

This song must be listened to while driving in the rain, This beat is like a baked version of J Dilla’s “Players.”

Miles Davis Quintet – Blue In Green

The Bill Evans piano intro from this song has been sampled a million times but no sample ever compares to the weight of emotion in the original.

Pete Drake – My Bluest Day

The colour blue shows up many times throughout this playlist but Pete Drake makes it clear that nothing is more blue than the ocean. Let this one put you to sleep.

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