Burlap Sack: APIRG

APIRG is an organization dedicated to fighting for social justice causes and for advancing the cause of equality in Alberta. Yet they seem more concerned with helping students in the abstract than helping the everyday student.

Late in the semester last year I needed a place to heat up my lunch without getting stuck in the lineup in the Humanities building. Seeing that the microwave in APIRG was unused, I asked if I could use it, only to be rebuffed by the “privileged” staffers inside.

How come “99 per cent” of students pay into APIRG’s annual fee, yet less than “1%” of students get access to the APIRG microwave? As a member of “the 99%” I will not contribute to APIRG’s fee until microwave inequality is addressed by some advocacy group on campus.

If only there was a group on campus dedicated to fighting against inequality.

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