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Fashion Streeters: Maria Andrade

Political Science II

Describe what you’re wearing.

Really, really sparkly metallic black shoes that I got yesterday and I’m breaking them in with two socks that are different, but they kind of go the same. I’m wearing black high-rise jeans, a t shirt and a long grey coat.

What’s your thought process when you put together you outfits every morning

I recently took everything I didn’t wear and donated it. I went to Value Village and picked out a bunch of stuff that I really liked, so I have no choice but to use things correctly, otherwise I’ll look terrible.

Do you have anybody that inspires you?

I think there’s really stylish people at the U of A, so every time i’m in class and I see someone thats rocking something cool, I’ll think about it, so when I’m out shopping I’ll see something that would work in the same way or differently.

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