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Brew Crew: Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Radler

Available at Sherbrooke Liquor

Since winter is depressing and there are only so many porters and stouts that one can drink before literally turning into a pint of Guinness, this import provides a summery respite.

Originally formulated when a group of thirsty cyclists descended on a Bavarian pub, the radler style was invented when the proprietor of that pub cut his half-full keg with sparkling lemonade. Still bearing the German for “cyclist” as it’s name, radler is now made with a variety of citrus flavors, and unquestionably the best is from Schöfferhofer.

A 50-50 blend of Hefeweizen-style German wheat beer and grapefruit soda, Schöfferhofer is the original radler, and it shows. Rather than the rusty taste that can plague lesser citrus blends, the grapefruit in the Schöfferhofer has an entirely refreshing quality.

On the pour, the beer is a cloudy, golden colour with a thick, light, foamy head. Light-bodied and easy drinking, the meagre 2.2 per cent ABV figure means you can drink these by the six pack and still feel great the next morning. Simultaneously sweet and citrusy, while also possessing the sedimentary texture of a traditional wheat beer, it’s not easy to place this beer on the palate. All one can be sure of is that whatever it tastes like, it’s delicious.

Like the San Pelligrino Aran-ciata soda you’ve been waiting y0ur whole legal life for, Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Radler  instantly transports the drinker  to a sunnier, warmer time and place.

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