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Photo Essay: Cricket in Quad

We’ve noticed a group guys who regularly play cricket in quad, so we interviewed them and took photos.

Don’t know anything about cricket? Check out this video we made explaining the sport featuring Dr. Richard Westerman.

Click here to listen to the interview.

We see you guys playing quite often, and we were just wondering if we could ask you some questions and take some photos?

Yeah, sure.


Why do you guys like cricket?

It’s our passion, it’s really big in our country back home. It’s like religion in our country.

Which country?

India, and Pakistan. (And Australia). It’s easy to play, actually. You can make a stump-like structure on a wall, and it’s easy to fix and easy to play. That’s why everyone loves cricket, you can play anywhere.


So you can just play anywhere?

Yeah, and it’s a very safe game.

Unlike baseball?

Yeah, unless the ball hits your face. The ball is quite a bit harder than a baseball.


Yeah, you can feel it. This is a real cricket ball.


Can we take those photos with you guys with the bat?

Oh, wow, like professional cricketers.


So who here is any good?

We just play for fun, we are humble.



What’s the batter called?

A batsman.



And the pitcher?

A bowler.


What do you guys use for wickets?

Just chairs, we just aim for the chairs.


What faculty are you guys in?

(All) Engineering.





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