Throwback: “SU funds paid for stripper?”

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This article comes from the September 16, 1986 edition of The Gateway. In it, author Matt Hays investigates the presence of a stripper at the SU changeover party the April before. 

Student Union funds may have paid for a stripper who performed in a separate room during the SU changeover party last April 29.

“We were having our year-end changeover party and everything was running smoothly,” said former Vice President Academic Connie Uzwyshyn. “Suddenly, I noticed the men were disappearing. Somebody told me they were in SUB basement, so I ran downstairs to see what was happening. I barged into room 0-34 to find Bambi rubbing ointment all over herself.”

Bambi, an employee of Greene’s Artists, acknowledged that she did strip at a function in the Students’ Union last April.

There is a question as to how this stripper was paid for. Certain present and past SU employees believe it was from public coffers. Connie Uzwyshyn: “What really perturbed me was that this stripper was paid for with SU finds. This money could have gone a long way for some clubs.”

“My understanding is that she (Bambi) was paid for by an SU Artist’s fee,” said External Commissioner Ken Bosman.

Others have a different interpretation. SU President Dave Oginski believed Bambi was paid for by a collection taken up from the spectators by former VP Internal Scott Richardson. “I assume that is why he (Richardson) took money from everyone there,” said Oginski.

At the hear of the controversy is a cheque made out to Richardson on April 29 for $130. Bambi was paid exactly the same amount for her show. This money is listed on the cheque remittance voucher as being: “For SU Party expenses re: Changeover.” Although this does not prove the money went to the stripper, The Gateway has been unable to find anyone (other than those who believe the money went to the stripper) who could tell them what the money was for.

The food and alcohol were purchased from L’Express and RATT. $292 word of food came from L’Express; $200 worth of wine and $322 worth of beer came from RATT. The $130 cheque is the only party item not paid for by an internal transfer of funds within the SU itself.

To obtain SU funds, a person must first fill out a cheque requisition form. This requisition, along with the cheque itself, must have two signatures on it to be authorized. One must be from a finance manager (either Advertising and Business Manager Tom Wright or Finance Manager Ryan Beebe); the other must be from one of three SU executive members (the President, the VP Finance and Administration, and one other Vice President).

The Gateway has been unable to obtain a copy of the requisition form for this particular cheque. It has disappeared into the SU files.

The cheque in question was authorized by former SU President Mike Nickel and Finance Manager Ryan Beebe.

When asked what the $130 expenditure was for, Nickel replied, “I’m not the VP Finance and Administration. You’ll have to go to that person.”

Former VP Finance Rob Splane told The Gateway he “was not aware of a $130 cheque voucher”. Splane indicated that five people have cheque signing authority and the cheque would not have to cross his desk for approval.

Ryan Beebe indicated the SU Executive are the ones who make the decisions and the finance manager just signs the cheques and keeps the books.

“If it (the cheque) is signed by an exec member, I don’t have any choice,” he said.

If the money for the stripper was paid for with the $130 cheque, is it possible the money could have been paid back into SU funds? “No,” said Beebe. “Or I would’ve known about it.”

Bambi said she was paid in cash before her show started. Who paid her? “He was the president or vice-president. I don’t remember,” she replied.

Splane said he attended the changeover party upstairs (in the SU Theatre lobby) but did not go down to where the stripper was performing.

When asked if he was present at a strip show in the SUB basement that night, Nickel replied, “No comment.” When asked if he had knowledge there was a stripper in the SUB that night he again refused to comment.

Richardson is presently in New Zealand and could not be reached for comment.

The final two former vice-presidents are female: Uzwyshyn and VP External Gayle Morris.

The changeover party is an annual event for incoming and outgoing executive members and councillors, Gateway and CJSR staff, and invited guests. The occasion celebrates the changing of the power in the SU as the new executive and councillors take office officially on May 1.

As mentioned earlier, this party occurred on April 29, after the last edition of the 1985-86 Gateway had been published. The Gateway does not publish during the summer months.


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