1050: After Hours

For one reason or another, you have found yourself on campus past dusk. You feel drained and lost. You want to go home.

You feel dazed and half-awake. It’s been a long day, but don’t worry: the fog will subside momentarily. But still, you have no idea what you’re doing here.

“Here,” in this context, is not a geographical location, “here” is a state of mind.
You ask yourself one thing: “What the hell am I doing here?”

1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-2Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-3Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-4Jonah Angeles


1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-5Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-6Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-7Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-8Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-9Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-10Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-11Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-13Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-14Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-15Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-16Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-17Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-18Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-20Jonah Angeles
1050-Jonah-Angeles-Halloween-After-Hours-21Jonah Angeles

Congratulations! You have found your way home! But your story is far from over; in fact, this is only the beginning. Countless others have embarked on this hero’s journey before you. Countless others are in the same place as you now — wherever you are. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re only human, after all.

And you’re not alone.

Music by Joshua Angeles
Spoken word by Phil Burrows and Belinda Ongaro
Additional vocals by Jonah Angeles

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