Spam of the Week

Working in media means a ton of emails, most of which go right to the spam folder. Here is a collection of the past week’s most creative, ridiculous, and just plain weird:

Re: Salary [$1000 /week]

From: catchthismail@latable.de

Dear eic,

We are looking for employees working remotely.

My name is Roland, I am the personnel manager of a large International company.
Most of the work you can do from home, that is, at a distance.
Salary is $2900-$5800.

If you are interested in this offer, please visit Our site

d_health Have a nice day!


Lower body fat without changing diet or exercise ($11.28 solution)

Dr. Natasha Iyer Better

Hello again!
I don’t want you to miss out: so a quick reminder and ‘easy’ button. Real Story at the end.

Yesterday I talked about water bottles and how you can reduce your body fat without changing your diet or exercise – simply by reducing EDC’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals). The big one was plastic exposure through food and water.

EASY BUTTON: Click on links I provide for Amazon and things will show up at your door.
And by clicking on my link we get 3-5% of sales towards our climb up Kili (yes – doing it this year).

Go back to yesterday’s email and get my Belly Fat blasting series. My team is removing the FREE option by end of today.

Buy your glass water bottle with the link attached to my blog:
(drinking water can make you FAT)

Real life story:
I saw a patient yesterday who has terrible trouble with fat storage. She hasn’t dropped a pound regardless of what we have done to date.
She is upset, naturally! Who wouldn’t be, right?
Here’s the thing: until we can figure out the hormone disruptors and imbalances, liver function and cytochrome pathways; until we can figure out stress and it’s role… nothing will work.
I will be teaching you about all these things so make sure you stay tuned (I will keep it shorter and one topic per letter to you).

Here’s the MOST important thing: for everything that DOES NOT work – it gives me clues to what needs to be looked at next.
AND, look at everything – she has significant improvements in brain fog and brain function. Significant.
But the fact that not one pound has been burned off makes her feel like nothing we have done has worked.
Stick to the process – it has been refined and added to year after year as the science changes and I gain more clinical experience with
more and more clients.

And here’s something to learn from this: what is your mindset like? Can you look beyond and see progress even though it isn’t in the area you’re focused on?
Do you get stuck at ‘the glass is half empty’ and give up?

Think about that.

More later,
Dr. N



I am very sorry I have to reach you through this medium. I am a member of the European Debt Recovery Unit and I am aware of your sad ordeal about your unpaid fund.

It may interest you to know that not long after the Debt Management Office (DMO) completed the merger and acquisition process of all pending payments occasion through the petition raised by the international community about their unpaid funds. I discovered that their boss connived with some top officials to divert funds approve to settle unpaid inheritances, email lottery winners, Internet scam victims, unclaimed consignments(concealed funds) and International Contractors.

The DMO has already given approval for the payment of your fund but they deliberately withheld your payment file and continue to demand fees from you through their associates from different unassigned affiliates mostly from Africa, US and the Netherlands all in an attempt to frustrate you and enrich themselves. I wonder why you haven’t notice all this while.

You may choose to disbelieve this email as inconceivable but my doctrine does not permit such act, reason I have to open up to you to seek the right channel. Your fund was authorized to be paid to you through the DMO asset management firm with a Key Tested Reference/Claim Code Number, which was supposed to have been issued to you before now.

Upon your response to my message, I shall guide you through and provide you with details to contact the assigned affiliate who will facilitate the release of your fund.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Yours Faithfully,
Admin Emissary.
European Debt Recovery Agent, UK.Ref S30/05/2017


Instant Stiff in 5 Seconds


This is pretty scary: Research at Oxford University in England has revealed that men who don’t regularly get hard and have sex face the grim prospect of a premature death – often years before their time.

It seems that a man’s lifespan is closely related to his fertility and ability to reproduce. Once this drops below point X, he’s done and is just taking up space and resources on earth. Harsh and cold it may sound – but the grim reality of life often is 🙁

Guys just don’t see problems with their toolage creeping up. One day they wake up all soft and withered downstairs, and realise they’ve not had sex for months, or even knocked one out recently. And they just don’t get aroused like they did. Once upon a time all it took was a flash of a soft sex scene on TV and BOINNNNNNGGGGG… Up jumped Dick. Then one day even the most provocative porn scenes don’t get much reaction or any kind of solid wood.

The thing is – none of this is a natural part of getting older – and it’s not a guys fault this happens. Modern lifestyle, diet and environment are all guilty partners in stopping men waking up good with wood.

But just as these unnatural modern things have murdered manhood for men as they pass through their late 30s onwards – nature just happens to offer the cure to reverse this deadly decline.

If you want to enjoy solid wood boners, that deploy on demand, with the ability to last for over 30 minutes and blow quart sized, quality loads – often over 12 inches or more out of your knob – then you need to see this NOW.

You CAN enjoy the same kind of performance you had in your 20’s without any tricks, tablets or danger – All thanks to this amazing natural revelation.

Talk again soon,

Viki x x x

P.S. Wouldn’t it be nice to have HER do all the chasing and work? Or perhaps you already know *** all about this ***

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