“Holy fuck this is cool, but it also doesn’t seem safe,” I exclaimed in an overjoyed rage as I paid for an item at SUB Mart with my iPhone.

I know this Apple Pay feature isn’t super new, but I tried it out for the first time today and it was surreal. It took a while to sign my life away though my bank app, but once I set up my Visa on my phone with a simple passcode, my life because significantly more convenient and I became lazier.
However, it’s mildly terrifying paying for things with my phone. I know that’s the point, but it seems to be lacking some serious security features. No physical card needs to be present. No signature. No ID check. And it’s accessed with my passcode (which is easy enough to see if you’re standing next to me or have been that drunk friend who helps me get into my phone when I’ve partied a little too hard). Nonetheless, I’ll be using this feature a lot more. I like convenience and I’m a lazy millennial after all, right?
Image courtesy of Alex Patterson
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