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Drive it like you stole it: 2017 Jaguar XE Supercharged

Kind of like discovering your gorgeous date is not only hot, but also smart and down-to earth, the new Jaguar XE is the perfect package. Like the significant other of your dreams it’s smooth, suave, and sexy, but the added bonus? It’s also comfortable — something often compromised for those too bad-to-be-good looks.

Alex Cheung

When you step inside the Jaguar XE the first thing you notice is “Holy cow, I can’t believe I’m actually in a Jaguar,” followed by “Damn, these seat are comfy.” They’re über-supportive and wrap around your body to keep you firmly in place but at the same time not constricting your movement. It’s as if you’re being spooned, as the pressure distribution against your back and lower body is perfection. I have never sat in seats so comfortable.

When you start the car — with what else, a push button, the car’s engine start sound is on point. The XE is powered by a supercharged V6 engine that puts out 340HP/330ft-lb of torque when mated to a seven speed automatic transmission. Putting the car into sport mode makes a low-pitched, burbly growl that I imagine is about the sound of a tiger getting a belly rub.

Alex Cheung

When you slam on the gas the car has no turbo lag as it races from 0-100 km/h in around five seconds, throwing you into the seat. Though the power might give you “the fizz” (down there), the steering and shifting are buttery smooth and balanced with impressive road feel. This and the all-wheel-drive system keeps your four tires stuck to the ground at all times. Even with high RPMs on the tachometer and the pedal to the metal, the car is ultra-smooth and vibration-free as it blows into lose-your-license-on-the-spot type speed. As the car accelerates, you never feel out of control as the handling never falters through the bends when you flog it.

Despite the car’s performance abilities, it is equally well-suited to being a commuter with its smooth and luxurious handling and a suspension that soaks up bumps with ease.
To be honest, it beats Mercedes-Benz at its own game.

Alex Cheung

The only glaring negative about the Jaguar is its bland interior. The interior console and instrument cluster are bland and unimpressive for a luxury car. To be honest, Kia and Hyundai make better interiors.

Despite Jaguar being more of a boutique brand with sales that pale in comparison to its German rivals, the XE is priced to compete at around $62,000 off the lot for the model I drove. To challenge the usual image of a dash full of warning lights that many Jag owners are used to, they are even offering a four-year, 80,000km warranty.

If you want a luxury car that is not “mainstream” (read: non-German), the Jaguar’s exoticness will make you talk of the town until the electrical system catches fire and the transmission explodes on the Henday. Enjoy the car while it lasts.

Alex Cheung

Conclusion: Steal it now. Dump it when the warranty goes. You’ll thank me later.

Vehicle provided compliments of Jaguar Land Rover Edmonton and Jaguar Canada.

Alex Cheung

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