One of the biggest contributors to the infamous freshman 15 — second only to an unlimited campus meal plan card — is a student’s easy access to deliciously unhealthy noodle-based snacks. If you’re going to be sacrificing your health in the name of convenience-store culinary delight, you’d better make sure you’re partaking in the good stuff. Here are tips for eating like a veritable instant noodle connoisseur:

1. Proper proportions
We’re talking soup to noodles, noodles to toppings, toppings to soup. Recall the saying “everything in moderation” and apply it generously.

2. Quantity
Ramen’s a good all-at-once meal. At mealtimes, figure out if you want to commit to the classic single package of noodles, break out a double, or binge on three (or more, no judgment).

3. Flavour
You’re looking for intense flavour from the broth, no watered down nonsense. It should fill your mouth with the joy of being young and able to eat mega-processed, noodle-shaped enriched flour without feeling any of the aftereffects.

4. Add-in freshness
Whether it’s pork, veggies, seaweed, or corn, the fresh stuff is always preferable to the standard dehydrated peas that come with instant noodles. Elevate even the junkiest of noodles with prime toppings.

5. Don’t overcook
The warning on the package is there for a reason — stick to the three-minute rule!

Image courtesy of Alex Patterson
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