Burlap Sack: I seriously don’t care if you can see my bra

Bras are something that I seriously don’t give a shit about. I like sports bras. I also know that real bras no matter how good they may make my tits look, they are uncomfortable as hell.

I don’t care if I wear a bra to sleep or if I repeat the same bra for a couple days in a row. I also don’t care if you see my bra. I mean, if I am wearing a real bra that’s a little bit more revealing, I would prefer you not see it, but if my shirt did slip and it ended up being visible, it really would not keep me up at night. I openly wear shirts that show my sports bra, because I like to give the illusion that I work out, so whether you can see it or not I do not care. Because, I do not care if you see my bra or not. Additionally, I do not care if I can see your bra, you gotta do you girl.

Yet somehow, there are always these women who lose their shit if they can see your bra strap as if it is so shocking that a 21-year-old girl is wearing a bra. Like OMG I bet you’re wearing one too! Seriously, just an FYI, it really is not a huge secret that someone is wearing a bra or why they are wearing a bra. There are actually people out there who think you are slut because they can see your bra. I personally have a small chest and lots of shirts fit me weird and end up falling down, sometimes past my “cleavage” (in quotations because I don’t really have any), and my bra ends up being visible. This is an accidental wardrobe malfunction. I really don’t appreciate you telling me understandingly that your daughters used to behave this inappropriately when they were my age. Better my bra than my nipples.

People wear bikinis all the time but the top part is just a bra and that’s “socially acceptable.” Have you ever noticed on TV, Instagram, or in videos, it’s not bras that are censored, it’s the nipples? So maybe that’s the only thing we should freak out about. That I can get on board with it. Seriously peeps, if you can see my bra, do not escort me to the bathroom, that is super extra and you need to relax. If you see my nipples please tell me immediately and please escort me to the bathroom that I will be very receptive to.

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