“My first year in university was 2016” campus starter pack

Wide-Brimmed Hat/Fedora

People sported them in the 1800s. Now male and female hipsters will be blocking your view of the stage when they wear them at music festivals or Week of Welcome in quad.

Septum Piercings

Those little rings that hang from people’s noses if you’re an art and design or women and gender studies major. The only downside is farmers in the ALES department will definitely confuse you for a bull.


Great for campus coffee dates or painting fences, but you’re not Chance the Rapper. They were popular in the ‘90’s so naturally they’ve been co-opted by hipsters. Plus, the front pocket is perfect for your iClicker.

Backpack pins

Herschel or JanSport backpacks absolutely covered in pins line your classroom floor. But how else would people know you volunteer at CJSR, your friend’s running for SU, or you’re just plain cute and artsy? There’s a danger of losing them but that’s a price worth paying. Or is it? 12 bucks seems like a lot even if it is “artisanal.”

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