Streeters: If the U of A had a slogan other than its current one, what would it be?

Do you know what the U of A’s motto is? Don’t worry, neither did we. But instead of making these students learn the old slogan (it’s “Quaecumque Vera” by the way, which means “whatsoever things are true”), we asked them to pick a new one, something as serious or silly as they liked.

Eric Lillow

Jason A.E.

“Knowledge is Power.”

Eric Lillow

Ryan S. & Jamie S.

Something like “Knowing by Research.” The U of A’s more of a research institution, so I think that’s where the slogan should come from. And I think there’s two different ways of gaining intelligence: there’s knowledge and then there’s knowing. Knowledge is more like book work and knowing is seeing for yourself. Actually, that’s what it is! “See for yourself.”

Eric Lillow

Jonah D.

For one, we could just translate the Latin slogan into English. We could just have “Whatsoever Things Are True.” That way people would know what it means.

Eric Lillow

 Kaiha M.

“Our Pride Is In Our Students.”

Eric Lillow

Jozef G.

Well, I wouldn’t want it to be anything silly. I’d want it to be genuine, even though I’m not a very genuine person. But I think knowledge is pretty good. That’s what university’s all about. Maybe something like “Knowledge Benefits Society.”

Eric Lillow

Quinn R.

Well, being from Lister, I’m going to have to say “Dodgeball Is Everything To Everyone.”

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