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Emoji of the week: Moon emoji (on Android)

🌚 New moon emoji


Editor’s note: This emoji is also colloquially known as the “molester moon” and “creepy moon.” So…

Why is this a thing?

Jesus, just fucking look at it. Imagine opening your emoji folder to look for something cute and non-threatening for a good night text. Maybe some stars, or a little bed, or a moon. You wistfully scroll through with not a care in the world. And then you see it. That moon bastard’s dead-set eyes peering into your soul and instilling the cold, lonely feeling I would imagine being on the surface moon is like. And the smile, ever so slightly off-putting, taunts you from what was probably supposed to be a cartoonish design.

Sure, this emoji is weirdly unsettling. And I can’t think of a context to use it where it wouldn’t look off-putting. But that’s the best part. The style is reminiscent of all the fucked up Joan Cornellà art which is amazing solely for how crude and creepy it is. Every time I use this emoji, or even think of using it, I laugh at how goddamn stupid it looks. And honestly, that sort reaction is missing from the emoji experience, where most are tame as hell.

But my absolute favourite thing about the look of this emoji is its exclusivity to the Android club. Don’t have an Android? Fuck you, you get some other unsettling anthropomorphic moon that’s just realistic enough to look like shit. Or like something that’d be hanging from your grandma’s porch wind chimes or some shit. Really just another reason to ditch iOS for something that’s not the operating system equivalent to a toy vacuum cleaner.

I’ll never get tired of using this emoji. And I’ll never get used to that endearingly fear-inducing face. You can definitely catch me at 4:00 a.m. on a Tuesday sending this creepy little shit to people.

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