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Dat App: Cymbal


I’m that cool dude who perpetually posts singles on social media and annoys everyone, so this app is a godsend.

Finding new music can be incredibly hit or miss. Do you rely on your friends to tell you about new finds? Or do you trawl through Spotify playlist after playlist?  And if you come across some truly amazing shit that makes you dance around your apartment, how the hell do you share it with people who will enjoy it as much as you?

Cymbal is a social media platform solely dedicated to finding and sharing those sweet, sweet tracks. You can tether Cymbal with your Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Music accounts to easily post and save any worthwhile stuff you find. You can follow musically like-minded people, artists, labels, music magazines, and more (one of my favourite accounts right now is that damn melon head, Anthony Fantano).


Cymbal lets you post and scroll for tracks to a minimalistic and no-bullshit layout that feels like Instagram or Twitter. Except all the stupid drivel is replaced with what could be the contents of your next summer jam playlist.


Find this bad boy on Android and iOS.

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