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Do your damn USRIs you lazy idiot

You have until the last day of classes but seriously just do them right now.

The week after semester withdrawal deadline is the same every year: you question your decision of sinking with the ship and not dropping stats, the fear of finals looms over you, if it’s winter the air starts trying to kill you, and you receive a billion and three pleading emails to do your USRIs.

The Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI) was created in 1993 by the General Faculties Council in order to collect student ratings with a set of basic questions. These ratings are available to all students for any course, and a full breakdown of how data is gathered and evaluated is available if you want to nerd out. But the aim of the USRI doesn’t really work if most of us don’t do them.

Student responses dropped in 2015 when the USRIs moved from paper to electronic versions, because it’s easier to ignore them if your instructor isn’t handing you a scantron. But filling these things out on your phone is so laughably easy you better absolutely believe I think less of you if you don’t do them.

USRIs gather info to shape curriculums and are important in determining the salary and career advancement of your instructor. Because of this, 402 academic staff responses from of a 2012 survey highlighted concerns that USRIs only showcase student experiences instead of the quality of teaching and learning. And that’s a fair gripe, considering that USRIs are thought to include gender and racial bias. Not to mention the emotionally charged negative ratings because the dipshit who never comes to class failed the midterm.

If you want to voice legitimate concerns, submit suggestions, inform future students, or just compliment your prof for being an amazing human being, fill out the USRIs. But be aware of your potential biases. Be as objective and fair as possible, and if you have any dickhead views on your professor’s race or gender, you obviously haven’t learned how to be a functioning adult in university yet and you should keep that shit to yourself.

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