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Streeters (Valentine’s Day Edition): Which faculty is the hottest?

We asked students on campus: Which faculty is the hottest?

“I would say Nursing. Maybe Education too, but more Nursing.”


Left: “Engineering, definitely. But not the ones that are like cats that run away when you look at them.”

Right: “No, the Business bros. It’s the suits.”


“Nursing! Demographically, it’s Nursing.”



“Mhm, I really don’t know. I find it interesting when people search for a relation between two things, you know, like Psychophysics or something. So Interdisciplinary Studies, if that’s a thing. But it’s also very cool when someone knows stuff about poetry and the Divine Comedy… So Classics is definitely up there too.”


“I would probably say anything in the Faculty of Arts or Sciences, just because I feel like those are the fields of study you go into because you’re following a passion and not for any other reason. Having a passion is the most attractive thing.”

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