Laundromats have been around for over a century.

Since everyone has to clean their clothes eventually, laundromats used to be large social hubs.

But it seems that the usage of laundromats has decreased substantially over the past 20 years.

What is the future of Laundromats? Do they have a place in this fast-paced modern world? Can it be that just 20+ years has changed the laundromat business forever?

When I think of Laundromats, I think of the episode of Friends (“The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”) where Rachel’s and Ross’ first date (supposedly) takes place.

Although I did not witness a romantic date unfold or angry ladies trying to steal machines and carts, I did witness genuine human interaction.

I watched a friendship unfold between two males who were waiting for their laundry.

I met a woman who’d been working at Carmel’s Coin Laundry for 25+ years.

I also witnessed countless U of A students chatting while using the HUB laundromat (This Sud’s For You) on a Friday evening.

The future of laundromats is uncertain, to say the least. It appears as though laundromats are becoming a thing of the past, but from what I experienced, the genuine human interaction found in laundromats is something that is lacking in our technology filled world.

Image courtesy of Giovanna Dicker
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