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The Gateway reacts to: This morning’s shitty winter driving conditions

Half our staff almost died on the way to the office today

All names have been changed to protect… nobody. We just think it’s fun.

2irl4meirl [10:53 AM]
I’ve been in traffic
And I’m not even halfway to school yet!

Simon [10:54 AM]
Been in traffic since 9am AND almost got in an accident

Yung Peter Mansbridge [10:55 AM]

2irl4meirl [10:56 AM]
I’m going to die in my car
And when they find me
I’ll still be listening to the Grammy Award-winning 1999 hit “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty off the multi-platinum album Supernatural

Hubba Bubba Tub’a Butta [10:57 AM]
That was my bus!

2irl4meirl [10:59 AM]
I love when you can just park your car while in traffic cuz you’re not going anywhere


Just kidding this is the worst and I want to leave

Simon [11:12 AM]
At this rate we’ll be on campus at 4pm

2irl4meirl [11:13 AM]
I actually haven’t moved at all for the last 15 minutes. I shut off my car
Things are basically at a standstill

Simon [11:14 AM]
Fuck that sucks fox drive is bumper to bumper barely any movement

2irl4meirl [11:15 AM]
Wait are you on it too

Hubba Bubba Tub’a Butta [11:16 AM]
Its because my bus is blocking the whole road
Rip sorry

2irl4meirl [11:16 AM]

Simon [11:18 AM]
Lol yup

Michael $cott [11:18 AM]
im here for my phone shift on time but the bus was slipping around pretty badly

2irl4meirl [11:18 AM]
I had to miss mine because there was no conceivable way I would ever make it
Wait but @Hubba Bubba Tub’a Butta wouldn’t your bus have moved at least a little by now

Hubba Bubba Tub’a Butta [11:26 AM]
Its jack knifed across the road, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

2irl4meirl [11:26 AM]
F u c k okay @channel I love you guys if I end up dying in my car please know that outside of you and my family and 4 miscellaneous people I basically hated everyone 🙏

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button-Up [11:28 AM]
but really if youre on fox drive drive over the median and go the other way

Simon [11:28 AM]
Damn how do you get to campus otherwise?

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button-Up [11:30 AM]
theres like 2 busses parked lengthwise across fox drive

2irl4meirl [11:30 AM]
What the ffffffrick

Simon [11:30 AM]
Christ k I’m turning then

Yung Peter Mansbridge [11:30 AM]
pls livestream ur journey

Simon [11:31 AM]
Taking the white mud is next I guess

2irl4meirl [11:31 AM]
I’m boxed in 🤷‍♀️

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button-Up [11:31 AM]

Hubba Bubba Tub’a Butta [11:31 AM]
whitemud to 111st then merge onto 109 and loop around to uni

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button-Up [11:31 AM]
this man maps

Simon [11:32 AM]
Hell yes

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Button-Up [11:32 AM]


2irl4meirl [11:33 AM]

Simon [11:34 AM]
lol I did a u turn heading to white mud

2irl4meirl [11:50 AM]
K I’m here thank god

Yung Peter Mansbridge [11:50 AM]

2irl4meirl [11:50 AM]
It is a goddamn gong show out there

Simon [12:09 PM]
God I just made it too fuck this weather and driving

Michael $cott [12:14 PM]
lol 51 collisions reported from 530 to 930

Harry Styles’s Wife 420 [12:19 PM]
Guys we should turn this into a Gateway reacts
I love you all and am glad you’re all alive

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