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Eating Edmonton: Seoul Fried Chicken

It’s Seoul good

In Eating Edmonton, our food writers break down their favourite (or not-so-favourite) local haunts.

What: Seoul Fried Chicken
Where: 7904B 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4C8
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., closed on Sundays
Price Range of a Meal: $8.00 – $27.00

Everyone has a favourite restaurant or comfort food, but when you move to a new city, you have to compromise.

For me, it all started when I moved to Edmonton for university. I felt like something was missing. I missed my family and my friends, but what I really needed was some comfort food. Being in a new city, it all felt pretty impossible.

I remember scrolling through some Google recommendations back in first year. Not many restaurants stood out, but just when I was about to give up and go for Subway, I came across a small Korean fried chicken joint. It had great reviews, so I thought I’d stop by and check it out.

Best decision of my life.

Pauline Chan

Seoul Fried Chicken is a relatively small eatery, but its owners know what they’re doing. While SFC mainly does takeout, it does have a few tables if you want to eat in. The hole-in-the-wall’s decor is casual, chill, and laid-back: nothing fancy but still aesthetically pleasing. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends (if you can find a table) or just treat yourself on a lazy afternoon. SFC really is perfect for any occasion.

Menu-wise, they like to keep it simple. SFC offers seven flavours: Garlic Soy, SFC OG (original), Onion Lover, G.P Cheese, Golden Kari (Japanese curry), Cilantro Lime, and SFC BBQ (which isn’t actually barbecue, it’s more of a spicy Korean sauce). No matter which flavour you choose, the chicken is always fresh, crispy, and juicy a.k.a. the best chicken you will ever have in your life.

Pauline Chan

I’m your typical broke university kid, so fine dining isn’t really an option. That brings me to reason #88888 as to why SFC is my favourite. Not only is the food good for your taste buds, it’s also good for your wallet. Its five-piece combo (what I get every time) clocks in at about $12. Affordable, delicious, and filling: could you ask for anything more?

I recommend trying the five-piece set with Garlic Soy Chicken, House Cut Fries, Mac n’ Cheese Pesto, and a soda of your choice.

Obviously, this review is biased because I love Seoul Fried Chicken, but it’s definitely worth a try. And hey, maybe you’ll find a new comfort food too.

And for all my vegetarian friends out there: I guess you can try the salads?

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