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Streeters: How much do you think you pay in SU fees?

With all the discussion around student fees, The Gateway asked students how much they think they pay a year in Students’ Union fees.

Full-time undergraduate students not at Augustana Campus pay $193.36 a year in SU membership fees and per-term dedicated fees. This excludes Faculty Association Membership Fees (FAMFs) and the health and dental plan.

The full fee break-down can be found here.

Keaton Dixon-Reusz — Engineering I

“No idea, I have no idea at all…a couple hundred I think, I don’t know.”

Athena Tillie — Science I

“I heard it wasn’t a lot, so a hundred-ish.”

Max Eberle — Engineering I

“I’d say, $200?”

Aiden Svitich (Far right) — Engineering I

“More than nine, less than 400…I don’t know, I actually don’t know.”

Owen Cornell — ALES I

“Probably about $5,000.”

Jackson Campbell — Education III

“I don’t really have any idea, but I think maybe $100.”

Maheen Khan — Science II

“$200, $300.”

Oluwatomisin Osunnaike — Engineering I

“2,000 or 1,000.”

Nicholas Ramsperter — Engineering IV


Epharh Oyama (Left)— Kinesiology III

“I’d say 235.”

Zacharie Skoko (Right) — Engineering V


Nathan Archibald — Medicine and Dentistry III

“200 bucks.”

Reece Stewart (Left) — Nursing II

“I would say around 800.”

Rachel Heselgrave (Right) — Nursing II

“Actually no clue, cause they just lump it all together, so I’m going to say 300 bucks, I have no idea though.”

Kate Turner

Kate Turner is a first-year native studies student and The Gateway’s Winter 2019 Staff Reporter. She is passionate about human rights and is a lover of chocolate, languages, and public transit systems. When she's not writing, she can be found strategizing Monopoly moves and reading historical fiction.

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