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Unknown liquids and stolen laptops: Campus Crime Beat — February 2019 recap

Illegal squatting at Michener Park

With Michener Park ceasing to operate by 2020, there are a number of empty buildings in the area. On February 14, a vacant housing unit was found to have a person’s belongings, leading University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) to believe someone was squatting in it. The property was cleared and secured, restricting future unsolicited access.

Stolen laptops put on sale on social media

A locker was reported broken into on February 14 in the lower level of the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science. The student found that their backpack was taken, and later saw their laptop being sold on social media. The student is working with Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to retrieve said lost items.

Sexual assault at St. Joseph’s Women College

A female student at St. Joseph’s college ordered food from Skip the Dishes on the evening of February 17. Upon delivery, the driver was aggressive and tried to kiss her. After the item was delivered, she reported the incident to EPS, who are still currently investigating.

Unkown liquids thrown

On February 18 at 2:40 p.m., a student reported to UAPS that he was approached in the Students’ Union Building by a male 40 minutes prior to the call and that a liquid was thrown at him. UAPS could not confirm what the substance was, but the student said there was a “burning sensation” on his skin.

The student was taken to the U of A hospital as a precautionary measure, but the student experienced no adverse effects. UAPS contacted EPS, but a suspect has not been located. EPS classified this as an assault.

A gift in the stairwell

A guest at the U of A found several laptops in the stairwell of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Building on February 19. A known non-affiliate was found in the stairwell as well. The items that were found in the stairwell are being held by UAPS, who are for the owner to claim it.

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