Commenting Guidelines

Welcome to The Gateway!

We all have a lot to say, and we try to stay open to different viewpoints, but it’s possible to get out of hand. Here are some ground rules for commenting on articles. Our moderators reserve the right to remove anything that they deem inappropriate.

How does our comment system work?

We use Disqus which is a commenting and community building plugin for our website. We monitor comments through our account with this site and we currently offer both guest commenting and registered user commenting for our readers through Disqus.

What comments are acceptable?

As the student journalism society, we value free speech and encourage debate on all our posted content and platforms. If you have a differing opinion, further comments, or even a compliment we encourage you to post a comment voicing your thoughts on our site!

What comments are not acceptable?

Comments including the following may be deleted without notice: personal attacks or threats, defamatory or unlawful statements, impersonations of others, discrimination, and hate or violence-inducing statements about a race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Users who repeatedly include the former in their comments will be banned.

When will a comment be removed?

When a comment violates our commenting guidelines, we will remove it and link to this page as a reminder of what is and is not acceptable. If you disagree with the removal of your comment or want a more in-depth explanation of our guidelines, please contact us privately.


Our editors hold the right to delete any comment we believe violates these guidelines. Above all, don’t be a jerk, and try to treat others as you would like to be treated.